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The “Arab Cultural Summit” Project

The creation of an Arab Cultural Summit is one of the many mechanisms aiming to revitalize the Arab nation, especially given the challenges facing Arabs in the new world order and the discord and conflict produced in the Arab nation by political disputes, not to mention the fact that Arabs are lagging behind in the knowledge and information age. The Arab Cultural Summit has laid the stakes on culture as a nurturing ground to mend the ravages of politics, on the one hand, and to help the region keep up with the times, on the other hand.

The idea of creating an Arab Cultural Summit under the patronage of the Arab League was first advanced by Arab Thought Foundation (ATF) President, HRH Prince Kahlid Al Faisal, who was commissioned by a host of Arab thinkers and scholars attending the “Writing and Publishing Conference, Publish a Book…Develop a Nation”, held by ATF in Beirut on 1-2 October 2009.