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“Tarbiya 21” project: “Education Practitioners in the Arab Community” in collaboration with UNESCO Beirut Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States

“Tarbiya 21” project is a joint venture between the Arab Thought Foundation and UNESCO Beirut Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab Countries.  It is a network for education development based on the needs and requirements of the region. It is implemented through knowledge and experience exchange among education practitioners in the Arab region, including teachers, supervisors, administrators, decision-makers, educational bodies, universities and specialists; and also through communication support among these parties and educators in different regions of the world.  The project is presented mainly through a huge website dedicated to educational development in the Arab world, as well as some other activities such as talk shows, seminars, workshops and training programs.


  • To provide education development sources of information, research and studies in Arabic.
  • To support mutual understanding on education issues and improvements among those who are concerned, in the Arab region as well as internationally.
  • To provide opportunities to share knowledge and experience on current educational development trends and research results.
  • To promote and spread good practices, resources and useful educational materials available in schools and classrooms.
  • To contribute to achieving the Millennium education and curriculum development goals in the Arab region, with a focus on quality and equality.


Project’s website ( in Arabic)