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About the Media Center

Culture is doubtless where media and thought intersect and complementarity between the two produces greater cultural awareness aided by modern electronic communication tools. These tools have strengthened the role played by the media on the one hand, and allowed culture to broaden its reach on the other.

Based on the above vision, the Arab Thought Foundation (ATF) was keen to foster complementarity between culture and the media; complementarity that disseminates all forms of knowledge and aims to promote cultural and creative production across Arab societies.

For this purpose, ATF has built media partnerships with major Arab newspapers and periodicals as well as Arab and international satellite television networks, providing media and advertising sponsorship for ATF’s projects, publications, and annual conferences. ATF’s projects and achievements have captured the Arab media’s attention. Arab newspapers and periodicals from across the spectrum have dedicated considerable space in their pages for ATF’s annual conferences, periodic releases, and activities.

ATF’s media center collaborates with Arab media outlets of all stripes and coordinates with the editors-in-chief of Arab newspapers, periodicals, and satellite television networks and with the directors of cultural departments across the Arab region to reinforce and advance partnerships for the benefit of the Arab public, by disseminating knowledge and thought through research, publications, and various projects.