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About Us


The Arab Thought Foundation is an international independent non-governmental organization. It has no inclination to any party or religious group; it is rather dedicated to promote the Nation’s pride with all its principles, values and ethics, in an atmosphere of a responsible freedom.

Our Goals

  • Promote pride in the Arab nation’s core values and identity through appropriate cultural programs and activities.
  • Embrace values and support events that serve to discard separation within Arab societies, in order to achieve solidarity, and consecrate all efforts to their best interest.
  • Attend to different knowledge and science fields, focusing on future studies and the best use of modern technologies.
  • Honor the pioneers, support innovators and sponsor the talented ones among Arabs.
  • Promote communications with immigrant highly educated Arabs and prominent institutions to benefit from their expertise.
  • Coordinate and communicate with individuals, regional and international civil society organizations that are concerned with Arab intellectual and cultural solidarity.
  • Create cultural and media related projects to disseminate the Arab civilization characteristic worldwide, and correct erroneous perceptions held towards Arab societies.

Our Mission

Arab Thought Foundation is a non-profit organization tasked to advance Arab cultural solidarity, and promote Arab world progress, with openness to world cultures. The Foundation seeks to bring about initiatives, programs and development forums, and build partnerships within the Arab culture to advance diligence and creativity values in it.