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The Annual Arab Forum for Educational Development

The forum was organized due to the significant role that education development can play in achieving ATF mission. It follows the first forum that was held in May 2011, and that sought to disseminate knowledge and practical experience gained from “TAMAM” project and its outcome on different levels in the Arab world.


  • To raise awareness about the significance of learning Arabic language as a mother tongue, in order to develop the Arab citizen culture, to establish his Arab identity and to motivate him to pursue lifelong learning.
  • To disseminate the knowledge of Arabic language teaching and learning methods in a scientific manner, according to the Global educational research trends.
  • To disseminate awareness of the scientific criteria for authoring and selecting adequate educational resources for teaching and learning Arabic language.
  • To identify the best educational practices to encourage Arab children and youth for readership in Arabic.
  • To identify successful experiences in the Arab world.
  • To identify the procedural research methodology and techniques for developing Arabic teaching and learning according to school environment requirements.
  • To network with and monitor supporting partners in this field.