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Arab Creativity Awards


Show recognition to the creative capabilities of the Arab World


Promote the spirit of creativity and creative competition between Arab talents in such fields as science, literature, arts and others.

Disseminate the spirit of creativity in the Arab society and emphasize its vital role in development.

Encourage creative talents and shed light on their achievements.

Award Fields: The Award is presented in seven creative fields:

  1. Scientific Creativity
  2. Technological Creativity
  3. Economic Creativity
  4. Social Creativity
  5. Media Creativity
  6. Literary Creativity
  7. Arts Creativity

Who nominates the candidates?

  • Governmental and civil Arab institutions and organizations
  • Scientific, academic, cultural and media institutions
  • The Advisory Board of the Arab Thought Foundation

Conditions for Applying

  • Applications are only accepted through one of the authorized organizations mentioned above.
  • The candidate must be Arab (an individual, a group or an institution)
  • The nominated work preferably must not have received a similar award before.
  • The nominated work should preferably be closely related to development issues and targets.
  • The nominated creative work should preferably be presented by the youth
  • Applications must be sent to the address of the Secretariat General of the Arab Thought Foundation.

Award Management Committee

The Committee’s mission is to:

  • Oversee the procedures of the announcement of the awards
  • Oversee the shortlisting of applications
  • Recommend the Award jury members
  • Prepare the yearly Award budget
  • Organize the Award distribution ceremony
  • Approve application forms and the text message to be sent to the applicants notifying them that their applications was accepted or rejected or that they won or lost the Award.
  • Supervise the logo design of the Award
  • Set the internal regulations of the Award
  • Set the application requirements and the requirements for the selection of the winners
  • Selecting the jury
  • Selecting the winner of each award out of the three candidates selected by the jury
  • Participate in the Award distribution ceremony

The Jury

The mission of the jury is as follows:

  • Examine the applicants’ files.
  • Select three candidates at the most for each award or select none.
  • Adopt the said selection criteria as per the general and specific requirements for each award.
  • Select the creative work that can be included in a yearly publication about the winning candidate’s work for the benefit of other scientific and economic organizations.
  • The Jury deals with the information it receives in all confidentiality.
  • The members of the Jury are regularly changed.     

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