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Arab Dialogue “Hewar El-Arab"

A headline from the titles of the Arab Thought Foundation, reducing its objectives and its ambition to develop the fundamentals of the nation pride, values and identity, through its cultural platform based on dialogue.


Consolidation of ideas that work to renounce the group principles, achievement of nation solidarity and direction of its efforts in order to serve the supreme Arab interests, through various cultural and media information.

Vision : 

The Foundation considered loading this address for two media articles as follows: the Magazine of Arab dialogue “Hewar El- Arab”, and the television program which is broadcasted every month on Al-Arabiya TV Channel, as a contribution to the dissemination of Arab thought throughout the world, and the correction of misconceptions about the Arab nation.

Key Outcomes: 

Each of the Magazine of Arab dialogue “Hewar El- Arab” and the “television Arab dialogue program Hewar El Arab”, has polarized the public, given the link of its subjects to the needs stemming from the Arab reality and questions.