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The Arab Initiative to Foster a Culture of Volunteering


The United Nations proclaimed the year 2011 as the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10). The Arab Thought Foundation adopted this initiative to take advantage of the International Year of Volunteers (+10) and motivate individuals, service organizations, institutions, schools, universities, government agencies and the companies with social responsibility throughout the Arab world to work together in order to promote and enhance volunteering in the region.

ATF Board of Trustees agreed in 2000 to fund the Arab Initiative to Foster a Culture of Volunteering making the Foundation a strategic partner in the Initiative. This allowed the Initiative access to the Foundation’s networks in the region on equal terms with its programs and projects. A partnership agreement was signed with the International Association for Volunteer Effort and the Association for Volunteer Services.


  • To provide the opportunity to gather key people involved in volunteering action in the Arab world, to urge them to exchange knowledge and experience, and determine the volunteering requirements in the region.
  • To increase and develop the main staff of specialists involved in volunteering in the Arab world.
  • To build training teams in different Arab countries in order to help establish effective programs aiming at developing the volunteering culture in the Elementary and middle schools, as well as high schools, technical  institutes and universities.
  • To provide funding opportunities for Arab countries with limited capacities in order to develop sustainable volunteering initiatives.
  • To encourage the development of positive national policies for volunteers and volunteering in the countries of the region, providing the relevant information (in samples and support).
  • To establish necessary mechanisms for networking, resource development, information exchange, mutual support and cooperation among the ones working to promote volunteering in the region.

The technical activities of the Initiative were completed at the end of 2011. Within the Initiative a study on “Corporate Volunteering in the Arab Region” by Dr. Patricia Mihaly Nabti was produced. The Arabic version of the study was published by the ATF Fikr Center for Studies and Research in November 2013. The study, initially written in English, is considered part of the Arab Initiative to Foster a Culture of Volunteering.

Download the English Version