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The Arab Thought Foundation Youth Program

The “ATF Youth Program” is a unique visionary, inspiring, and generous and keen to count Youth without distinction as privileged players in our societies. It consists of series of unique and continuous effort all along the year; strengthen by a methodology based on coexistence, tolerance, creativity and open environment for challenging discussions.


Create a unique Arab Youth Community, engaged, passionate, determined to make a difference and lead the development, supported and encouraged by world class experts.


  • Create a unique opportunity for youth to address altogether the most pressing issues facing the next generations and advise on optimal solutions.
  • Empower  Arab Youth and allow them to start playing a major role in the evolution of the region and contributing to improving their own future
  • Inspire the youngest generation and motivate them to step in and take the lead, together with other communities
  • Engage our Youth on important regional issues and raise awareness on the culture of responsibility and participation
  • Offer the young Arabs the opportunity to reinforce their education and knowledge background, enrich their life experience and be a key factor in our political, social and economic debates


  • Citizenship – carrying rights and responsibilities towards the communities
  • Participation – having a say in the decision making processes
  • Self-awareness & Self-confidence  - making a difference isn’t an option but a must
  • Creativity – associating intelligently mature and innovative ideas
  • Integrity – spreading a responsible value system
  • Progress – setting the standards for political, social and economic progress
  • Excellence – pursuing excellence in every action
  • Fun – never forgetting that life is full of hope, passion and satisfaction