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Arabi 21: Improve Teaching and Learning Arabic

“Arabi 21” is a project created by the Arab Thought Foundation with support from King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and Saudi Aramco. It is an Arab culture, education and renaissance driven project in all its content, tools and vision.

Through this project we can perceive a future where any Arab citizen “would acquire some education level all life through”. He/She would contribute to science, literature, line of thought and art developments; however this requires new language tools and expression ways.

This project is presented in five fields: Promoting reading and readership; the electronic website; two social media websites; training teachers; research; and curriculum assessment and evaluation.

Visit the Arabi21 mini-site.


  1.  Launched the electronic website Arabi 21 within ATF website.
  2. Provided training programs (videos) for the best practices of learning and teaching Arabic. These teacher-oriented programs, published on the project’s website, have been realized in collaboration with Class Roads Company.
  3. Launched social media channels through Twitter and Facebook, where visitors have surpassed 39000 since launch in February 2012.
  4. Created the Arab children literature book award system under the title “My Book Award”
  5. Launched the “Bilarabi” campaign in February 23 and 24, 2012 in order to promote Arab language readership. During this campaign, “My Book Award” has been presented to authors, illustrators and publishers.
  6. Launched the “Arabi 21 Standards to Classify Arab Children Literature Books”. This has been arranged by the project’s technical committee. The Arabi 21 standards have been adopted by 10 publishers and governmental and non-governmental organizations in many Arab countries.
  7. Established the Arab Network to Classify the Arab Children Literature Books, and issue an electronic publication to partners.
  8. Released children stories and children scientific literature quality criteria, laid by a regional experts committee, in the framework of “My Book Award”.
  9. Launched the quality control slogan used now by publishing houses on classified books.
  10. Organized 3 central training courses to classify the children literature books in Beirut in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
  11. Organized two workshops and training courses in Jordan in 2011 and 2012 in collaboration with Ruwwad Foundation and Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.
  12. Arranged a newswire specialized in Arab children literature within the ATF electronic website and social media.
  13. Arranged more than 600 children literature books according to the Arabi 21 Criteria.
  14. Released a list of classified books on the Arabi 21 website that includes more than 150 books, to help the teacher build a classroom library that could provide the right book for students’ readership level. 

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