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ATF Research & Studies Center

His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al Faisal, President of the Arab Thought Foundation, launched in December 2010 ATF Research and Studies Center.

The main objectives of this Center focus on preparing international strategic scientific and intellectual conferences in non-Arab city, as well as organizing symposia, seminars and different intellectual dialogues.

It is expected the success of our Center in strengthening the national affiliation through studies, research and publications aiming institutions, organizations and scientific and cultural centers on the regional and global level.

One of ATF's main objectives is to contribute to the cultural and intellectual development of the Arab nation. In this regard, ATF has established researches and studies center that conducts periodical, specialized researches and studies in the fields of development, thought, culture and civilization of the Arab world.

Center’s Affairs:

The Center’s affairs shall be based on two central units:

  1. Research, Studies and Reports Unit
    It forms the top of the pyramid, in work distribution, in the selection of research projects and reports, and in releasing a set of research and periodic annual reports in various fields of knowledge.
  2. Translation Unit
    The Administration of ATF Research and Studies Center is limiting its scope of work in determining the scientific translation projects and their implementation, through the translation of the books specialized in the intellectual, cultural, economic, literary and developmental fields. Its main objective is to provide the Arabic reader with solid material in the context of intercultural communication.