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ATF Youth Ambassadors Program


  • Represent ATF’s young people in their countries
  • Find successful Arab Youth Models
  • Create a new generation of intellectuals thinkers and change agents who are aware of their nation’s issues and are passionate about helping to overcome them

The period is one year; Ambassadors should nominate three persons for this position

Duties and functions

  • Exemplify the Arab Thought Foundation’s vision and objectives
  • Help identify and prioritize opportunities for change
  • Become an agent for change
  • Help organize and conduct meetings in support of the Ambassadors’ Program
  • Contribute to the prioritization of ideas for change based on meetings and insights of youth requirements – including a) preparation of reports, b) special supplement to the youth magazine “Moutabaat”, and c) others to be discussed together.
  • Nominate young people to participate in FIKR conferences and provide them information on the foundation’s mission and activities
  • Assist in the extension of a database of their countries, including young activists, civil society organizations, youth organizations, youth and education ministries, NGOs, artists, writers and known social figures, media, research centers and universities
  • Communicate with the media, knowing that he should coordinate with the foundation for any media interview (via radio or television) or download the video on the internet under the name of the foundation without taking the written consent to participate in the meeting, media, content and ideas that must be connected to
  • Develop and use social media – including blogs and websites - to discuss topics of concern for the youth and to exchange views and access to all the activities of ambassadors and their experiences

Competencies and experience

  • Age below 25
  • community activist 
  • with high culture and ethics values
  • fluent in Arabic
  • has no party affiliation, tribal or sectarian
  • has no criminal or ethical records 
  • leadership and self-development skills
  • highly efficient in time management
  • willing to volunteer work
  • expert in organizing meetings
  • expert in civil work and non-profit organizations
  • training and supervision skills
  • communication skills