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Award Archive 2007

Technological Creativity Award

Engineer Mashour holds a BA in chemical industry from Telsa- Oklahoma University in the USA, and is currently working at Aramco KSA, project management department, where his journey of continuous, important and vital achievements started to come true resulting in the performance evolution, the minimization of environmental risks resulting from t

Artistic Creativity Award

Artist Naseer Shamma is one of the most brilliant Arab musicians and oud player. He was born in 1963 in Kut in Iraq. He received his diploma from the Baghdad Academy of Music in 1987, and specialized in the oud.

Scientific Creativity Award

Dr. Leila Zakaria Abdel Rahman is a Sudanese woman who received her primary, complimentary & secondary studies at Kousti City, then at the Khartoum University, faculty of agriculture, where she graduated with an honored BA and got her MA in vital technology and her PHD on 1995 from the Engineering Faculty at the Yummiest Manchester University.

Literary Creativity Award

Dr. Jaber Asfour is born in 1944 at the Mahala Koubra, Egypt. He got his PHD from the Arabic Department at the faculty of Arts at Cairo University with first honor distinction in 1973.

Media Creativity Award

“ELAPH” is a project that was not established by virtue of an official decision and that won’t be closed by virtue of a similar decision, it is an project with an independent administration and decision, and its continuity depends on the continuity of this independence, that is certainly related to the financial independence and the economic suc

Social Creativity Award

Sheikha Haya Al Khalifa specialized in the Law studies, and studied Law at kuweit University where she graduated in 1974 then continued her studies on international law at France- Paris 1 University.

Economic Creativity Award

The Deprived Families Economic Empowerment Program (DEEP) is a 30 months pilot project funded by the Islamic Development Bank and executed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in partnerships with the Palestinian Authority (PA).