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Award Archive 2008

Scientific Creativity Award

Literary Creativity Award

The Literature Creativity Award went to the Jordanian novelist Samiha Khreis.

Media Creativity Award

The Media Creativity Award was given to MBC. The first channel of MBC satellite stations, MBC1 was launched in 1991 by Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, and is currently working in three additional TV channels MBC2, MBC3 & MBC4, in addition to two FM radio stations broadcasting from Dubai Media City.

Social Creativity Award

The social creativity award was given to the Family Library Project in Egypt. The project was founded in 1991 as a unique experience that the whole world praised and that the UNESCO requested its circulation on the world level.

Economic Creativity Award

The YMCA Palestine, one of the first small loans institutions in Palestine was given the Economic Creativity award, for its program for funding small businesses launched in 1992, targeting people of the poor and marginalized social categories, and especially the technical domain and the fresh graduates from the technical training center and the

Technological Creativity Award

Dr. Fawaz Bin taysir Al Alabi, Syrian, holder of an American nationality, currently occupying the position of the vicar of King Abdulaziz City for Science & technology.

Artistic Creativity Award

The art creativity award was given to Adel Imam, a theater actor and talented film actor, who has a wide experience and a special artistic personality known for his particularity and attractiveness, unique performance, sarcastic criticism, boldness and big impact on audiences.