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Award Archive 2011

Literary Creativity Award

Awarded to Mr. Hassan Abdullah from Lebanon for his long experience of thirty years in literature. Over the years, he devoted most of his work and productions to children and young boys, writing short children stories, poems and songs inspired by Arab heritage and educational values.

Economic Creativity Award

Social Creativity Award

Awarded to the Lebanese writer Joureye Talaat Fawaz for her field study under the theme, ‘The Effect of War: its psychological and educational effects on children,’ as it represented a new theme, and was based on a field study dealing with children and the psychological impact and repercussion of the Lebanese war in 2006 on them.

Technological Creativity Award

Awarded to Professor Yusuf Saad Al-Hayek from Jordan (Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UAE University), for his contribution to theoretical and practical scientific research in biotechnology and its applications in public health and medicine, supported by eight patents worldwide.

Artistic Creativity Award

Awarded to Professor Jawad al-Asadi of Iraq, a theater director with extensive experience, especially in Arabic experimental theater. In his plays, he treats the issues of violence, strife, and complexity of life, and through that, is advancing the Arabic theater and bringing it to another level.

Scientific Creativity Award

Awarded jointly to Professor Anwar Munir Batikhi from Jordan (Professor of Water, Soil and Plant Physiology at Jordan University and University of Science and Technology) and Professor Youssef Salama al-Najjar from Jordan (Professor of Energy at the University of Science and Technology) for their contributions in scientific publishing and local

Media Creativity Award