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Award Archive 2013

Economic Creativity Award

Scientific Creativity Award

Project: “Detecting and Eliminating Toxic and Radioactive Materials from Water, Air, and Soil.”

The Arab Though Foundation honored him for being one of the geniuses and distinguished Arab minds in the synthesis of Nano metric materials science technology.

Artistic Creativity Award

The brothers Samir, Wissam, and Adnan Joubran

The Trio won the Artistic Creativity Award for the year 2013 since they put the Arab as well as the international audience in front of serious youthful musical product that mixes originality, modernity, and experimentation.

Media Creativity Award

“Wamda Project”

The Arab Thought Foundation has honored Habib Haddad winner of Media Creativity Award in 2013 for being a young Arab frontrunner who made ​​great efforts and presented ​​outstanding projects in the field of entrepreneurship support.

Literary Creativity Award

"Lolita’s Fingers"

The novel won the Literary Creativity Award for the reason that it places the reader in the heart of the current Arab social and political reality and cultural. It raises several issues such as violence and terrorism, political persecution, exile, identity, love and women, as well as the issue of writing as related to language.

Technological Creativity Award

The Initiative of “Smart City” won the Technical Creativity Awards for the year 2013 for building a city that uses information and communication technologies for the management of human and material resources intelligently and effectively in order to achieve sustainable economic development and improve the inhabitants’ quality of life.

Social Creativity Award

“Al Nayzak Organization” Won the Societal creativity award for 2013 in recognition of its unique experience and leadership in promoting and disseminating science and scientific thought among various segments of the Palestinian society, especially children and youth.