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Educational Projects

Education is an integral part of the Arab Thought Foundation’s development and cultural mission. The organization has devoted a great consideration to the Arab educational and teaching reforms, with the objective of developing Arabic schools through research, studies, vocational training and specialized forums.

As nations competencies are marked by the value of their human resources, education is a main focus for the Arab Thought Foundation.

In this regards, ATF implements five projects with different groups like UNESCO’s  Beirut Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab Countries, the American University of Beirut and others … These projects are: Project “Arabi 21” devoted to developing the learning and teaching of Arabic language;  Project TAMAM (1 & 2) School-based Reform Projects for the Arab World; “Jidariyyat”:  Promoting Common Human Values for Social Dialogue and National Cohesion; “Tarbiya 21”  Education Practitioners  in the Arab Community;  The Arab Forum for Educational Development , in collaboration with “Arabi 21”.  These projects materialize in many ways, and they are plainly used by a huge number of websites and data base and information sources, like books, training  courses, booklets, Science papers and media campaigns.


Developing the human resources and sustaining the development culture in the educational system based upon the Arabs status.


The  Arab Thought Foundation’s vision is:

  • To implement  educational projects with the ability to develop the rules and tools of education, and all its infrastructures.
  • To boost the use of efficient tools for valuable teaching.
  • To use information technology and communication tools for education and learning.