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FIKR Conference

The only truly cross-sector and cross-cultural gathering in the Arab world, and a unique platform for ideas exchange between more than 800 Arab and international leaders.


  • In line with the ATF goals of excellence, FIKR strives to continue to achieve recognition as the premiere conference in the region through offering discussion topics that are stimulating, timely and meaningful, on key strategic challenges and opportunities, strengthening relationships, and raising global awareness of the values and people of the region.
  • FIKR brings together intellectuals, decision-makers, thinkers, researchers, and representatives of the private sector; as well as civil society, media and youth along with their international counterparts to discuss the most pressing issues facing the Arab region and the world.
  • FIKR creates a unique and strategic opportunity, to all participants, sponsors, partners and speakers, for a deep exchange of ideas and experiences, in order to establish leadership position in the Arab World.


  • FIKR sets a positive spirit to encourage Arab countries to adopt a constructive approach in building their futures.
  • FIKR’s guiding mission is to harness the most current thinking on the future of the Arab economy and culture through an international program of events and initiatives. The annual FIKR conference has emerged as the leading forum for debate on Arab cultural and economic issues, forging practical solutions for the region to benefit future generations.

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