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Inaugural Report on Arab Digital Content (Status, Significance, and Challenges)

By Gamal Ghitas and Khaled Al-Ghamri

Not only does the book fill a gap in studies on Arab Digital Content, it features a unique methodology adopted by its coauthors. Indeed, Ghitas and Al-Ghamri first created computer programs and mathematical algorithms which they used to automatically track, detect, and classify millions of analysis units to ensure the identification and retrieval of Arabic content units online, and to classify by subject the information of such content units. Secondly, they built an analysis matrix to tag the descriptive data of each analysis unit used in the construction of indicators that explain and describe the state of the content in order to generate and analyze statistical outputs.

The study created a phenomenal sample of 20,451,084 units covering the period between 1990 and 2011. The sample comprises content written in Arabic, produced in 22 Arab and 66 other countries. The analysis units include 126, 012, 281 attachments or links (text, image, video, PDF, and other types of files) representing content in Arabic that was retrieved online for this period.