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Mr. Abdul Mohsen Abdul Malik Al-AlShaikh

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

He has received his primary and secondary education in Makah and graduated from Azizia High School. He has been awarded the degree of Bachelor in Management and Economics from San Francisco University in the United States of America. During his stay in USA he has participated in the successful Management Program which was executed & presented by Harvard University. Afterwards, he has returned home back and joined the public sector where he has been appointed as Deputy General Manager for Liton Saudi Arabia Company. He has also turned-over in the private sector before founding his own business. He has founded ZEEM Group for trading which is consisting of local and overseas companies and he is heading the Board of directors of some of them as well as being a member of the Board of Directors of some of them. He has participated in some seminars and economic activities that was taken place outside KSA. He was very concerned about Environment and its impact on Humanity therefore; he has founded Save our Seas Foundation which has been located in Geneva _ Switzerland.