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Ibn Khaldun Biography: The Tragedy of an Arab Philosopher

The ninth title of the “Maaref” collection – a monthly book series published by the Arab Thought Foundation (ATF) – the book is penned by Lebanese writer and journalist Walid Noueihed who examines the career of the eminent Arab philosopher. It is a career life with personal, political, and social failure, in which the scholar struggled to reconcile his desire to dedicate himself to learning and knowledge with the need to adapt to the dire realities of work and making a living. Not only was he at the mercy of whimsical sultans who dragged him into their disputes and quarrels, he also lost his family in a shipwreck on their way to join him. And following this terrible tragedy, he was dismissed from the judiciary and exiled for three years.
These events and many more are related by the author in the book, in a bid to bring Ibn Khaldun to a new generation of Arab audiences who may or may not be familiar with this prominent figure, in an in-depth exploration of the social, political, and intellectual mileposts of his life.