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Ofoq, Periodic e-Newsletter

Ofoq is an electronic newsletter, published periodically since January 1st, 2011 by the Arab Thought Foundation (ATF) Research and Studies Center.

The newsletter tackles Arab and international current affairs in the spheres of politics, thought, culture, the environment, sociology, economics, education, and many more developmental, intellectual, and cultural interests.

In its electronic format, Ofoq serves the developmental, cultural, and intellectual objectives of the Research and Studies Center, under the present challenges imposed by the information, technological, and communications revolution. The newsletter contributes to inter-Arab cultural debate. It seeks to promote common Arab cultural values by harnessing modern media and engaging the largest possible number of Arab readers in raising questions about and finding solutions to our present problems and concerns, in an age when reading is on the wane but is needed more than ever.

Full editions of the newsletter are available at:

Guidelines for submissions from young contributors to the weekly Ofoq newsletter are also available on the webpage.