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Promoting Common Human Values for Social dialogue and National Cohesion

This is a joint venture between the Arab Thought Foundation and the UNESCO Education office in Beirut, with technical assistance from the UNESCO Lebanon National Committee.  It seeks to highlight and promote human values preferences in the Arab world among children and teenagers, locally and regionally.


To raise the awareness about human values role in any attitude and behavior conveyed locally, nationally or regionally.  This project is to be implemented in 2013.


The project will enable Arab schools to promote human values that encourage dialogue, social cohesion and respect of differences, and equip the children and teenagers to have their positive and pioneering role in this framework. 

The objectives are:

  1. Promote the culture of dialogue, tolerance, patriotism and respect of difference among children and teenagers at schools.
  2. Enable Students to be competent for leading roles to promote these values in their local society.
  3. Implement activities by children and teenagers within the local community.
  4. Promote critical and analytical way of thinking, and raise arguments and reactions around human value issues and their effect upon human attitude and behavior.

In its first stage, the project is to be launched in Lebanon through five public schools which would be determined in cooperation with the UNESCO Lebanese National Committee; and will focus on Secondary 1 class as an objective category.