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TAMAM 2: School-based Reform Project for the Arab World

After the success achieved by TAMAM 1 project, it was agreed to move to phase II, starting January 2011 to December 2015. The TAMAM 2 project proceeds with its support to Arab schools educational development. It has established a professional network model among Arab schools, and has dedicated it to improve education in more Arab countries.
The second phase of TAMAM has seen expansion to three more Arab countries, which are Egypt, Qatar and Oman, and later Bahrain. This required forming new work teams that represented schools, universities and Ministries of Education in these countries. They worked to adopt, implement and put the project to action. The second phase of TAMAM project consists of four major activities which are:

  1. Activity 1: Proceed in building the capacities of TAMAM 1 private schools and forming work teams within these countries, in order to expand the project’s accomplishments among countries that participated in Phase I.
  2. Activity 2: Complete the building capacity process within Lebanese public schools that participated in TAMAM.
  3. Activity 3: Expand the TAMAM activities within the new countries and schools, in Egypt, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.
  4. Activity 4: Expand research on TAMAM’s main research questions.

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